by Mary Perry

Meetings between students and their advisors for GSA take place throughout the school year. But there are opportunities for engagement in the summer as well; for the teachers who partner with Safe Schools Desert Cities in supporting our LGBTQ+ students, planning activities never stop. The GSA Advisor Luncheon is one of these events, focusing on the school advisors and liaisons that work with SSDC and students throughout the year.

On September 10, GSA advisers from across the community met at 849 Restaurant & Lounge in Palm Springs to say hello, make new friends, discuss thoughts for the 2022-2023 school year, and listen to a guest speaker. Present were 50 adults from teachers to counselors committed to supporting the youth of the valley and beyond.

A delicious lunch was provided by Willie Rhine and his staff at 840, but some laughter, some serious conversation, and words of wisdom from Kim Skeete from Borrego Health, a partner in care opportunities for our students, helped make the luncheon something special.

Dates were shared for this school year’s activities, including the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, the Rainbow Youth Summit, Youth Zone and Pride Parade, and more. Gloria Kapp, vice president of SSDC Board of Directors, spoke about scholarships, financial assistance, and the awards reception at the end of the year.

Each year, this event includes President Eric Ornelas going around the room for introductions that inevitably result in connections that enable schools to reach out and work together.

A very special way to begin the year and reunite in our efforts to care for our children.

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