by Mary Perry

It was Back to the Future at this year’s Pride Prom as we celebrated over 50 years of activism on behalf of our high school students and allies throughout the desert community – from Coachella to Palm Springs.

The last Safe Schools Desert Cities Pride Prom was held in 2019, so we had a lot of fun to catch up on. And we did! Just under 200 young people danced the night away at the Palm Springs Air Museum to the tunes of DJ Alf Alpha who was spinning from inside his VW Bus. Catering from Lulu’s of Palm Springs was over the top. Both savories and sweets were served with the longest line at the cotton candy machine!

While many of the chaperoning adults could be seen in the 60s outfits pulled from the backs of closets, the guests of honor, the students, were in a variety of outfits from the traditional prom look to vintage to contemporary. The dancing was fabulous and the entertainment the best that the desert has to offer.

Students from all over the Coachella Valley dance and celebrate at the 2022 Pride Prom.

Mistress of Ceremonies Bella da Ball pulled out all the stops with her glamorous look to her list of guests that included Marina Mac, Sheena Wolfe, Carol Kamenis, Aura Van Dank, Charles Herrera, and more! The doors opened at 8:00 p.m. and the magic went on until well past midnight. As the invitation noted, “Come as you are and hustle on over! Let’s dance to the enduring sound of freedom, inspired by disco, soul, pop, rock, and glam rock.”

As prom guests will tell you, this is THE EVENT of the season. It is the prom where you don’t have to worry about who you are going with, what you are wearing, or the limousine you come in. This is the prom where you can be you and you friends can be them and we can all, well, really, just be!

Plans are already in place for next year’s Pride Prom and I, for one, can’t wait to be there!

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