Provided by Mary E. B. Perry, public information officer, Desert Sands Unified School District

Safe Schools Desert Cities supports the youth of our community in so very many ways. As an active volunteer with SSDC, I have chaperoned and attended a number of the Harvey Milk Breakfasts where SSDC and Palm Springs Pride invite our GSA students to be honored guests. I have participated in several Rainbow Youth Summits. I have also attended (and yes, proudly ridden in) the PS Pride Parade. But the “bestest” and most “funnest” event of all is the annual Pride Prom!

Traditionally held at the Palm Springs Air Museum, this event is open to ALL students in our community from Beaumont to Blythe. Our GSA students are there to assist, as are such wonderful people as my former next door neighbor, Bella da Ball. Do you want to wear a tux? Okay. Do you want to wear jeans? Okay. Do you want to celebrate who you are by your choice of outfit? Okay. Just come over and enjoy! There is dancing, refreshments, games, photo booths, and just a feeling of inclusion, of warmth, and of affirmation.

See our online events calendar here.

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